Monday, August 17, 2015

the Cards

Show off your love for all things Vintage.
These cards are great for display, they look good framed and they complement a gift.
Whether you are buying for yourself, to give to a friend who shares your passion or to sell at your shop, these will be a big hit.

The Lori Miller Line is currently in 9 different shops in and around Minnesota.

We are will ship to all states and International. 

with style comes grace

image is everything

remember when

untouched beauty

collecting. a desirable addiction

unconditional love

life's simple pleasures

you give me inspiration

all the rage

surprise me

dinner for two

collecting. a desirable addiction

abnormally beautiful

everlasting love

love is all you need

perhaps i might. you never know

art is a way

distressed. a rare gift

There is a white border around each photograph, giving the photo a vintage feel.  All cards are printed on heavy cardstock and are 4x6 in size. 

Wholesale: A minimum of 6 of each card in the 18 different styles @ $1.75 per card.
A quantity of 12 of each card in the 18 different styles 
@ $1.00 per card.

Retail: recommended retail price is $3.95 per card 
or 4 for $10
**If your are interested in just a few for yourself and don't have a dealer in your area contact me below**

I would love to here from you. I will ship Internationally!!

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  1. You will LOVe this vintage card line at your shop....they are selling like crazy at the Barn.

  2. Lori, I love your store and love your cards. I recently bought Life's Simple Pleasures because my grandmother had chairs similar to those blue ones. I do a lot of photography myself and wonder if you could tell me where you get yours printed? I have never been able to find card stock for personal printing that's heavy enough!