Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vintage Silver canvas Art

I am Happy to introduce my newest line of 
Vintage Silver Canvas Art

I was cleaning up after staging a dinner party for a photo shoot.  I found myself staring at a pile of mismatched vintage silver.  As you can imagine, my mind went crazy. It was like magic.  I could actually visualize these silly tarnished items as art.  Can you imagine the countless times folks have gathered to eat with these fabulous pieces.

I knew I wanted them for my own home.
I hope you might possibly want them in yours.







There are currently six pieces in the series available
sizes and prices will be posted soon.

all are the sole property of the LM Brand
Lori Miller Vintage Design
Studio M Couture

Friday, September 10, 2010

can you say wholesale

I did it....I did IT... DID It

(c)lori miller vintage design

A collection of greeting cards designed exclusively for those who love all things vintage. Vintage with a little rust, some chippy paint AND a lot of imperfection.

The group of 18 cards will now be offered wholesale to those of you shop owners that dabble in the vintage wares.

View the new line and see what you think. 
All photos show copyright which is for web viewing. All photos have a short phrase printed inside.  Wholesale terms are offered to qualified retail venues. I require that you have a brick and mortar store; sorry I do not sell to online only sites.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 line

with style comes grace

image is everything

remember when

untouched beauty

collecting. a desirable addiction

unconditional love

life's simple pleasures

you give me inspiration

all the rage

surprise me

dinner for two

collecting. a desirable addiction

abnormally beautiful

everlasting love

love is all you need

perhaps i might. you never know

art is a way

distressed. a rare gift

There is a white border around each photograph, giving the photo a vintage feel.  All cards are printed on heavy cardstock and are 4x6 in size. 

Wholesale: A minimum of 6 of each card is required with a minimum of 12 different styles.  Those purchasing all 18 styles will receive free shipping in the US. 
$1.75 per card

Retail: All cards are available to purchase individually by viewing this site or at the Round Barn Potting Company, Andover, Minnesota
$3.95 per card